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Helping Founders Overcome Their Biggest Challenges

Solutions for Founders & Founder-Led Companies

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Capital Raise

Equity? SAFE? Convertible Note? Aebacus can help with every stage of the capital raising process. 


Revenue Scaling

Do you need to move from founder-led revenue to something more sustainable? Talk to us about our CRO solutions.


Go-To-Market & Projects

Are you kicking off a new project, or going to market with a new product? Aebacus can help with our unique pre-mortem workshops. 





Based on Boyd's OODA Loop, Aebacus believes that founders and management should not seek perfection when a "70% Solution" is enough. Nobody has perfect information, and the "100% Solution" does not exist. For example, the US Marine Corps teaches it's new officers that 70% confidence in a well conceived plan - vigorously executed and constantly revised as new data comes available - is more likely to succeed than waiting for more information.  The key questions founders need to ask are: 

  • Do you have enough information to make a good (70%) decision?

  • Are you willing to be flexible, adjusting the plan and compensating for changes as you move forward?

  • Do you have a clear idea about how you can incorporate new data as it comes available?


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About Aebacus Advisors

With over 25 years' experience in global institutional asset management, investment banking and management consulting, Aebacus is uniquely positioned to help deliver the support you need before you even go to market. While we are currently based in the United States, we have deep professional experience overseas: the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Korea, and Japan. Aebacus is not licensed, so we do not raise capital ourselves - this is something that investors expect founders to do themselves. However, our services are structured around delivering superior advice and insight so that you have the best possible chance of success. If you are an early-stage company or startup thinking about a raise, or are simply exploring your options, please reach out!


Talking is free, and anything you tell us will be held in strict confidence.

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