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Resources for Founders

Starting Point: Blogs

A great starting point is to look at MassChallenge's list of blogs and websites that every founder should read. It's a long list, but worth the time. 

Andrew Chen is one of the tech world's leading experts on product. A good starting point is his excellent post on the red flags & numbers that VC's look for in your pitch.  

Do you want a gritty, 'straight-from-the-trenches' view? Fred Wilson's blog might be for you. 

There are tons of other blogs (again, check out the MassChallenge post), but this is enough to get you started.

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Starting Point: Websites

Where to start? Easy - you start with success, and one of the most successful outfits in recent years has been Y Combinator. I'd start with the post on Advice for First Time Founders and then go from there. Y Combinator has more than just a blog - check out all their resources. 

Even if you don't use their service, HubSpot has loads of great content and articles. If you don't follow anything else, follow The Hustle.  

You need to get hooked up with TechCrunch, especially the TechCrunch Startups page and Pitchdeck Teardowns series. If you don't follow anything else on this list, bookmark this page. 

Finally, if you haven't found Predictable Revenue's Resources page yet, you're missing out. Great resources focused on generating revenue. 

Raising capital is hard... 

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Documents for Download

The most current documents from Y Combinator for SAFE notes of almost any type. These documents are meant only for US Companies. Keep in mind that most VCs and PEs want your company to be registered as a Delaware Corporation.  

The most current documents from 500 Startups KISS (Keep It Simple Securities) for both equity and convertible debt. Like SAFE Notes, these documetns are meant for US Companies only. Most VCs and PEs that use KISS documents want your company to be registered as a Delaware Corporation. 

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